Marvel President Kevin Feige is constantly being asked questions about the Marvel cinematic universe, and that's because we all want to know what they are planning to do next! There are so many Marvel characters to choose from! But one that I'm most excited about seeing get made is Dr. Strange. I thought for sure they would have done that movie before they did a movie like Ant-Man

During a recent Q&A session with Best Movie Feige talked a little bit about Dr. Strange and the third phase of Marvel's movie plan. But first, he discusses Guardians of the Galaxy, and why they decided to run with. This movie is sure to be a huge hit among fans and audiences. 

It was long time that we wanted to bring in a movie an adventure set entirely in space. We immediately liked the idea of making a movie based on a comic mostly unknown by people and that present various superheroes in one movie. Although it's set up from another part of the universe, a human will be in a superhero role of Peter Quill, played by Chris Pratt. There will be lots of characters: from a sexy warrior to an animated tree, and a raccoon with a gun. It's an unique franchise and we are pleased that it's so different from what we have done so far.

As far as Marvel's Phase 3 is concerned, Feige was asked if it will only consist of new superheroes, to which he replied....

Currently the third phase is still developing. The 99.9% of our time is used for Phase 2, the development of The Avengers 2 and the Guardians of the Galaxy keeps us very busy. Definitely we're not leaving aside the old glories, and we can also see familiar faces such as Iron Man, Thor and Captain America.

Now, as for what character he's most excited about seeing brought to the big screen he reveals that it's...

Dr. Strange! I love the aura of mystery that surrounds this superhero and the magical world that surrounds him. We've never faced anything like this and there is a lot of material that we could exploit. I would love to also see a new superhero in the ranks of the Avengers. We shall see!

I'm not sure if he's implying that Dr. Strange could be joining The Avengers or not, but it would definitely be cool! Even if he's not, I'm still excited for the awesome potential of a Dr. Strange movie. It's going to happen, and it will be cool to see how they plan on introducing him into their Marvel movie universe. 

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