THE ROCKETEER: Riddle Saves the Day in this Betty Page Cosplay

For fans of The Rocketeer, it seems the character has been getting a lot more love these past few years. As a result, we get this wonderful cosplay by Riddle, which owes its roots to the Bettie Page version (drawn by Darwyn Cooke for IDW's tribute series). The photo itself was taken by Dru Phillips, with makeup and hair by Thomas Gaddis & Jaiden Gabbana, respectively. A lot of work went into this costume, especially the rocket pack, which you can't see here but is based on the version from the comics. As a big fan of the property and the time period in general, I eat up things like this.

The print will be available at the upcoming Planet Comic Con Show in Kansas City and will be limited to 50 copies. In addition to getting a fantastic print for your wall all the proceeds go towards fighting Hairy Cell Leukemia, and you can't beat that for a great cause. For those (like me) who aren't able to make the show, whatever is left over will be put up in her online shop. Make sure to check back there during the next few weeks if you want to get a hold of one. You can catch more of Riddle's work on her Facebook page & her Deviant Art gallery.

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