Kellan Lutz Set To Play Title Role In HERCULES 3D!

According to THR, director Renny Harlin (Die Hard 2, Cliffhanger) has chosen Twilight star Kellan Lutz to play Hercules in his upcoming film Hercules 3D

Here is the thing; I, in no way, will ever hate on the people who starred in the Twilight films. They made what they made, they got their money, and now they are off. Like most of the cast, Lutz is looking to put as many films as possible between him and his vampire days. 

Here is what Harlin had to say about choosing Lutz for the role:

It looks like Hercules 3D is going to go head to head with the Brett Ratner/Dwayne Johnson movie Hercules: The Thracian Wars which also comes out in 2014. The only downfall to this is that The Rat always seems to make a good amount of money with his movies. Hopefully, if Hercules 3D wants any chance of survival, they will not open in the same month. 

I have no opinion regarding this movie, so I guess we will have to see what it is all about when it comes out. For those of you who are interested, here is the only synopsis out for this movie:

Hercules 3D will have at its center a love story between the son of Zeus and the mortal princess of Crete, who was promised to his older brother despite her love for Hercules

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