Bruce Campbell and Fede Alvarez Discuss EVIL DEAD Sequels

Evil Dead pulled in $26 million this weekend, and I'm sure the studio is going to want to see a sequel. If you haven't seen it yet, you're seriously missing out! This movie was such an entertaining horror film. You've got to see it when you get a chance. You can read my review for it here. This is seriously one of the best movie remakes ever made. 

Director Fede Alvarez and Bruce Campbell sat down for an interview with IGN recently and discussed a new Evil Dead sequel, as well as Army of Darkness 2. Alvarez reveals he's already working on a script, and Campbell says that he's down for Army of Darkness 2. It's got to happen! Especially with............ SPOILER................. that end credits scene in the remake. You can't put that in there and not expect to see these two Evil Dead worlds collide. 

Watch them talk about all of this stuff in the video interview below!

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