EVIL DEAD Director Up to Direct DOCTOR STRANGE Movie?

Director Fede Alvarez's career is sure to blow up after the bloody awesomeness of Evil Dead. It's one of the best remakes that I've seen. A rumor has hit the web that there's a possibility he could end up directing the big screen adaptation of Doctor Strange for Marvel, which I'd have no problems with. I'd love to see Alvarez take on a comic book film like Doctor Strange! The news comes from Latino-Review, who also says his writer, Rodo Sayagues is also involved.

There's no solid confirmation, but they did reach out to them on Twitter, but have yet to get a response. If it is true, I don't think they would confirm or deny it. They're probably just thinking, "how in the hell did they find out?!"

It will be interesting to see if this rumor plays out. Marvel is probably taking meetings with lots of directors though. Alvarez is just a really hot filmmaker in Hollywood right now. The site suggests that Alvarez and Sayagues most likely gave their take on the characters in the comic. If Marvel liked the pitch they gave, then I guess there's a good chance that he could end up directing this movie.

Would you like to see Alvarez direct Doctor Strange for Marvel?

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