Geeky Hockey Jerseys Inspired by Movies, TV, Comics, and Games

Gearby Joey Paur

Check out this radical series of of geeky hockey jerseys created by Canadian artist, geek, and hockey enthusiast Dave Delisle. Each one is based on a film, TV show, comic book character, or video game. If I had to choose a team to be on from this set, I'd have to be on team Boomstick. There's a ton of great jersey designs that I know you'll love! You'll have to look them over and tell us what team you'd be on. I wish there was a real geek hockey league with teams like this that we could root for. 

A jersey isn’t just a glorified sweater. Or some sweaty uniform that gets worn during a game. Jerseys are much more than that — they’re the tuxedo of geeks.

Worn all over the world, for any occasion, they demand attention. But something has always been missing from jerseys, a bit of je ne sais quoi, you might say..

Select jersey designs are available to purchase online.