Joe Quesada on BIG HERO 6 and Other Marvel Animated Films

Earlier this week, Disney revealed that their first Marvel animated feature film Big Hero 6 would be released on November 7th. The movie is currently in production and being directed by Don Hall. They also gave us our first look at the setting of the film "San Fransokyo" -- a hybrid of Tokyo and San Francisco. I think it looks cool and I'm looking forward to seeing it.

In a recent interview, Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada explains how Big Hero 6 came together and hints at the fact that this is one of many Marvel animated movies that are being discussed at Disney. Here's what he had to say to Comic Book Resources,

The idea actually came from Don Hall, the director, who is a huge Marvel fan and obviously a big nerd if he remembers Big Hero 6. Don came to us with suggestions for maybe six of our lesser known properties, and we started working with him on some ideas for how these could be approached as Disney animated movies. Don took three of those possibilities to John Lasseter, and John really gravitated to the story that we spitballed on "Big Hero 6." That's how it came to be, and it's been really fun.

So there's a couple of other possibilities out there, and I'm sure more have been added on to that. I think Big Hero 6 could be a very successful film. If it is, you can bet we're going to see even more Marvel animated movies get made. Quesada goes on to talk about the film and why it will be something special,

Well, I think the x-factor was that when we started reimagining Big Hero 6 with Don and his crew, there was a story there of two brothers. I think it was a boy and his robot kind of thing that makes it very Disney in the traditional sense. But the beauty of this is that Don is a real Marvel fan, and he's embraced the visual history of Marvel. I think we've gone and lectured to the animators over there about what Marvel is and how we look at visual dynamics in our comics -- everything from Jack Kirby to John Romita Sr. to John Romita Jr. So there's a lot of Marvel influence in this, which is really cool. It's going to be an amazing blend of what Disney does in animation and what Marvel does in the action adventure genre.

The 1998 comic series was created by Steven T. Seagle and Duncan Rouleau, and it's about a group of government-sanctioned heroes, such as "a robotics prodigy named Hiro Hamada and his robot companion BayMax, who join a team of superheroes.” 

I'm looking forward to seeing how this movie turns out!