24 Officially Coming in 2014 with Kiefer Sutherland!

It's official! Kiefer Sutherland has signed on to reprise his role as Jack Bauer in a new 24 limited series on FOX. The network has also announced that it will premiere in May of 2014.

The title of the show will be called 24: Live Another Day, but we won't be getting 24-episodes this time around. It's only going to consist of 12-episodes. 

As you know, they were trying to get a 24 movie off the ground for the longest time, but it never took. According to Fox chairman Kevin Reilly, "Howard [Gordon] always had the idea of doing a feature film [for 24]. But they all agreed, 24 being compressed to two hours is not 24." As for the series being only 12 episodes long, he explained:

The spine of the 24 season was really 12 hours. Those were where the big events occurred, and others were the connective tissues in between.

So I guess they are cutting out that connective tissue and just giving us the big events. Basically, the series will play out chronologically, but it will skip hours. For example, it will go from 8am to 10am. 

This is just going to be another chapter in Jack Bauer's crazy life. It's not going to turn into a full blown series, but this may not be the last time we see it. They say there's a possibility that 24 could come back for more 18 to 20 months after this new limited series airs, which is great! 

Maybe they should do the same thing for The X-Files

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