MEDIEVAL TIMES Is Getting a Big Screen Adaptation

Movie by Joey Paur

The famous Medieval Times dinner and tournament franchise is on it's way to getting it's very own feature film adaptation. The production companies Benderspink and Broken Road have teamed to bring the Medieval Times to life on the big screen. They are currently putting together a package that they will end up shopping around to studios.

I've only been to Medieval Times once, and it was a pretty fun time! There are nine locations made to look like 11th-century Spanish castles. Each event pits six knights in jousting tournaments and sword fighting competitions for the title of "King’s Champion." If you've never been, it's worth checking out at least once. The one in Anaheim CA has a pretty cool medieval torture museum! 

Medieval Times was also used as a setting in films such as Garden State, and who could forget the best scene in The Cable Guy. Benderspink has a couple films coming out this summer such as The Hangover Part III and We’re The Millers

There's no word on what the movie will be about, but I imagine it will be a comedy that revolves around the people that work at Medieval Times. I could see something like that actually being really funny. 

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