Classic Disney Characters Re-imagined as College Students

Art Disney by Joey Paur

The shy new girl in the school. Ariel is in the swimming club of the University waiting for her "surfer" Eric ;D

Here's a fun series of Disney inspired character art that re-imagines several classic characters as college students. The illustrations were done by Deviant Artist Hyung86. I've also included notes from the artist on each character. Hope you like them.

Hercules and Beast will be the Quaterbacks of this university. They are cool, strong and a little bit arrogant

I always see Alice like a freaky bohemian girl who's every hour in is inner-wonderland 

Our freaky/Nerd/lovely Belle!

I started with Peter Pan because he represents the youth looking so funny and friendly with tinkerbell in his Converse 

China's heroine now as a modern city girl. She is part of the dance team of the university, loves Jay Chou and Wang Lee Hom

SnowWhite is a simple girl who loves to sing. It is part of the choir with Aurora and after her lessons, she use her free time to learn more of computer. Obviously she loves Mac XD. The weekends usually helps Kenai and Pocahontas to take care of the Animal Welfare Association in the campus.

The quarterback of the football team of school. He´s egocentric, cocky and rude but thanks to a girl is changing all that (XD) You do not know who is this girl (Adam give to her his team jacket...)

Arthur is a member of the fencing team despite being thin and wimpy. Phoebus is one of his best friends and from who has learned most of his moves. He is loyal to his friends and he's always willing to learn new things being her favorite class History, (with Professor Merlin)

Cinderella wants to study botany and she joined the gardening club at the university. She's a very good student and always seems to arrive before 12 to her room.

Her stepsisters wanted to go to a public university but Cinderella proved to be much smarter than they thought ... Is it because she have a fairy godmother?

David is the best friend of Eric. He loves surfing and diving. (main character of one of the funniest films of Disney!)

I'll always see Eric like a trendy surfer with his surfboard and his tattoos XD

Esmeralda has been dancing since she was little. She loves ballet and exotic dances. She love mixing dance styles and for this, usually train with Aladdin (B-Boy) (sound familiar? Ballerina+b-boy ... Step Up

The best friend of Tarzan, the second skater in this University Jim Hawkins is always looking for some kind of "treasure"

It's clear that little Tinkerbell had to be in the Adam team as Cheerleader. She is fun, cheerful, dreamy and usually a little bit hyperactive XD
She is secretly in love with Peter Pan so she's always argue with all the girls who are near him, after all the fairies are so small that they can't fit two feelings at once.

Today's the turn of Tarzan, the City Skater

Pocahontas is an environmentalist who cares for all the animals in the shelter near the university with his friend Kenai. Aurora made a keychain with the shape of raccoon tail to hang on her bag 

Aladdin practiced dance with Esmeralda in the college gym. He has been part of a group of breakdancing and loves dance battles. He also practice parkour and his favorite video game is "The Prince of Persia" (obviously, right? XD)

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