IRON MAN 3 - Concept Art for War Machine, Malibu Attack, and Mark 42

A few cool new pieces of concept art have surfaced for Iron Man 3! There's a couple of digital sculpts featuring the Mark 42 and an unused design for War Machine created by Ryan Meinerding and Phil Saunders. Then we've got some concept art featuring the epic Malibu mansion attack scene from the film that was done by concept artist Rob McKinnon who had this to say about the designs in an interview:

Initially, the helicopters were going to be helo-jacked Army Apache gunships. However, there was a pretty cool design opportunity here. So we decided to come up with gunships disguised as civilian news and tour copters. It was fun, but very challenging. These copters had to be armed to the teeth, but couldn't be exposed until the moment of a surprise attack.

So I came up with the concept that the cabin doors crack open like stabilizer wings exposing the mounted armament. I thought if they could pull this off, it would be a kick a$$ moment in the film.

I saw it in the trailer, and I teared up like a little girl with a skinned knee! There's nothing like watching a drawing or painting come to life.

I'm sure were going to see a lot more concept art from this film pop up over the next few months. I'm still seeing new concept art from The Avengers.

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