Brian Grazer says FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS Movie is Moving Forward

As a fan of the hit NBC series Friday Night Lights, I'd love to see a movie get made. Producer Brian Grazer recently did an interview in which he confirmed that they are "absolutely moving forward" on a Friday Night Lights movie.

We made a terrific feature with Pete Berg, turned it into a terrific TV series and will now make a movie from that series. I’m not sure such a thing has been done before.

He then went on to say that they might look into crowdfunding to help get financing for the film. Deadline reports, "they will likely use crowdfunding to directly tap the rabid fan base of that drama for some of the budget."

Berg, who wrote and directed the original 2004 movie and developed the TV show, has been trying to get this film off the ground for some time now. I guess it's at the point where they are looking to pull the trigger. I think it would be even better if they just brought the show back to life, but I'll be happy with a movie.