Chronicle's Michael B. Jordan to "Flame On" in FANTASTIC FOUR?

Director Josh Trank and FOX are looking to get their Fantastic Four reboot into production, and now casting rumors are starting to hit the web. It was recently mentioned that Girls star Allison Williams could end up playing Sue Storm aka The Invisible Woman. Now today, TheWrap is reporting that Trank is looking to team back up with Chronicle star Michael B. Jordan for the film, apparently he's up for the role of Johnny Storm, aka The Human Torch, who was played by Chris Evans in the first two films. 

Jordan is a solid actor who has also appeared in TV series such as The Wire and Friday Night Lights. It seems like he's got the kind of attitude that the character needs. 

According to a studio insider, Jordan has already had multiple meetings at Fox, and they say that Jordan's chances on getting the part "depend on whether or not he has chemistry with the other actors up for the highly-anticipated movie." 

I'm not sure how fans are going to react to the possibility of having an African-American Human Torch. If this casting news is true, then I don't think Williams is going to work as Sue Storm because the characters are brother and sister. Unless they plan on changing up that dynamic in the story, you never know. There's no confirmation of any of this, so we'll just have to wait and see how it all plays out.

What are your thoughts on the possibility of Jordan playing The Human Torch?