Kevin Feige on New AVENGERS 2 Recruits and THOR 2 (New Photo)

Last week, Joss Whedon hinted that Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver would be new additions to The Avengers 2. That news was later confirmed by EW, but when they talked to Marvel president Kevin Feige he kept quiet about it. However, he did tease some new recruits for the big screen version of Earth's Mightiest Heroes,

All of the Avengers from the first movie will be back and they will be the core team, but what's fun is that the roster shifts. It was always the intention to have a story line that brought in, obviously, new bad guys and potentially new heroes. I'm not confirming nor denying [Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver], but the draft could change six months from now. If we're going to add new characters, there's going to be a major part of the movie.

I'm excited to see what other new characters we end up seeing in the sequel, and I'm happy to hear that whoever they end up being will have a major part in the film, and not just a cameo role. Feige goes on to talk about Alan Taylor's new vision of Thor in Thor: The Dark World saying,

Alan is bringing a grittier, more textured patina to the designs of the worlds, and to Asgard in particular. It's less to chase either Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings - because you're not going to catch up. But part of the fun of Thor over the other characters is he doesn't have to stay on Earth. We visit a few of the other realms in this new movie.

Very early on, Feige said that the other nine realms would play a part in the film, so it's cool to hear that that's something they stuck to.  I really want to see how these other realms are portrayed in the Marvel movie universe. I enjoy talking about these Marvel movies! It gets me excited see what else the studio is working on! 

You'll find a new photo from Thor: The Dark World above and a closer look of the image below:

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