Read the Script for the Unfilmed GLADIATOR 2

It kills me to hear this, as Gladiator remains at the top of my list for one of the best modern day films of our time, but supposedly there was always a plan for a sequel to the film. I was really skeptical on this one, but I've found an interview from 2006 with Ridley Scott confirming that he wanted to write around the death of Maximus, and several other articles citing the existence of the 103 page screenplay written by Nick Cave. You can read the entire screenplay here, but for those wishing to save time, here's a quick synopsis.

Maximus enters the afterlife where he meddles and fights with Roman gods, gets reincarnated, becomes immortal, wages war throughout time, and ends up in the modern day Pentagon....yeah. Don't get me wrong, this would make an awesome film...especially as a starting point for an eventual God of War film, but for Gladiator? I give it the thumbs down. Read the script and let us know...ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!

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