INJUSTICE GODS AMONG US - My Alternate Costume Nominees


Well, we already have a sneak peek at the first batch of costume DLC for Injustice, which by the clues I can only guess are:


1. Cyborg: Teen Titans Classic

Already revealed. Not crazy about it, but it does deserve to be included (just not the biggest Cyborg fan in general).


2. Harley Quinn: Classic Costume

Already revealed. Completely Classic, and a great addition.

3. Wonder Woman: JMS Reboot Costume (or Wonder Woman #600)

Already revealed. Frankly, I loved that costume however briefly it was actually used.

4. Deathstroke: Teen Titans Classic

Slade's classic 80's and early 90's look. Gotta love those awesome Fanta boots.

So, if that's the case for this first batch, then what's left? I'm glad you asked, as it gives me a reason to put a fun little wish list together. Here are my nominations.

Superman: Electric Blue

Let me start by saying this is not a story point that I loved, but that's not what we're nominating. The discussion today is great looks for the characters, or at least memorable. I think we can agree the Electric Boogaloo look was certainly that. It would also be interesting to see the little electric effects coming off of the costume (ala flash, but blue! I know, I'm easily amused).

Batman: Batman of Zur-en-arrh

This costume came to prominence during Grant Morrison's Batman R.I.P. story arc, where it served as a backup personality in case he suffered psychological trauma. The costume was used before then, but most know it from that storyline. It's zany enough to be included. The clincher though would be if NetherRealm threw in a small bat mite flying near his head during the match--as he frequently nagged him during his time as Zur-en-arrh.

Aquaman: New 52

There is just something perfect about classic Aquaman, and the New 52 modernizing of his uniform is quite impressive, mostly because it doesn't screw up a good thing. The Injustice options so far are sub par, personally, and just don't work for me. Give me modern classic and I'll be happy.


Catwoman: Animated Series Grey

There was already a version of this skin in Arkham City, and while I love the Injustice redesign as well as the Arkham City skin, there is a special place in my heart for the costume Ms. Kyle wore in the Animated Series. Sleek and simple, yet so cool. Love it.

Lex Luthor: Classic

It's amazing how bright and colorful comic characters of yore were. No one hesitated to use color combinations like bright purple and forest green or electric blue and bright pink on character's costumes, and Mr. Luthor himself is one of the best examples. Granted, the game already has a version of this, but with more modern colors. There is something to having this walking epilepsy warning diving across the screen though, so I think he deserves a nom.

Joker: Dark Knight Returns

Few versions of the Joker are as identifiable as Frank Miller's take on the character, especially from a visual standpoint. The white suit, the purple shoes, and the more imposing frame all come together to create a very memorable take on the crazy that is the Joker. I will say a close second was the inventive, to say the least, take from The Batman cartoon (you know, the Joker/Eddy Gordo combo that is awesome strictly because it caused that combination to exist).

Solomon Grundy: Justice League/Suit and Tie Grundy

One of the most memorable moments I have of Solomon Grundy is Brad Meltzer's JLA run that starred him as the intelligent yet brutish (R.I.P. Red Tornado's Hand btw) villain working things behind the scenes. I loved this take on the character, and to me it was the only time the character was actually threatening. I will admit though he has never been a huge favorite of mine, so I'm sure there are other great stories out there (i.e. Grundy Nerd Disclaimer). It's amazing how having a different costume might actually get me to try and learn a new character.

Last but not least, the Batman Flashpoint Skin was announced as part of the first compatibility pack. I liked the outfit in the comics, but it's also one that doesn't exactly knock me off my chair compared to some of Batman's other costumes over the years. I mean c'mon, this was chosen over Pilgrim Batman? Get serious. 

What costumes would you like to see?

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