THOR: THE DARK WORLD - High-Res Photos and Director Issue Update

Five high resolution photos have been released for Thor: The Dark World. A couple of these images were previously released as low res scans, but these are much better. We also have an update on that rumor of director Alan Taylor being asked to leave the production until after the movie was released. 

Here's some information that comes from a Latino Review commenter Redbull Werewolf who claims to have the inside info.

Taylor Was apparently butting heads with [Marvel President Kevin Feige] over the run time and final edit. Taylor wants the film to be 2 and a half hours, Marvel says he's contracted to give them a 2 hour film and he's breaching his contract. He hasn't been fired but editing has stopped for 2 weeks while both parties take some time to cool off before a mediator will be brought in [the] middle of June. Bottom line is that the film is only 5 months from release and a decision is going to have to be made soon especially if re-shoots are required.

Who knows if there's any truth to this, but there might be. I'm just not sure why running time would cause such a big issue. Let's look at the previous Marvel films, Iron Man 3 - 130 min, The Avengers - 143 min, Captain America - 124 min, Thor - 114 min, Iron Man 2 - 125 min, The Incredible Hulk - 112 min, Iron Man - 126 min.

So it looks like they have been trying to keep their movies down to 2 hours with the exception of The Avengers. I don't care how long the film is as long as they tell a great story that makes sense. You'd think something like this would have all been planned out before they started shooting. I just hope that cutting out 30 minutes doesn't leave any holes in the story.

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