BLADE RUNNER 2 Moves Forward with Screenwriter!

Ridley Scott has been talking about making a sequel to Blade Runner for years. I've been wanting to see him finally get to this, and we are now one step closer. They just hired Michael Green to write the script. He's one of the writers who worked on the Green Lantern movie, which doesn't spark much confidence. He must have had a good pitch for the film though, otherwise they wouldn't have let him write it.

There is no official confirmation on if the movie will be a sequel or a prequel, but according to The Wrap, "it will be set some years after the conclusion of the influential first film." They also say that Scott will be back to direct the film, and that he's trying to get Harrison Ford to reprise his role, which would be amazing! If Ford is willing to come back as Han Solo for the next Star Wars film, I'm sure he'd do another Blade Runner movie! 

The original 1982 film didn't do very well at the box office or with critics. The movie was just ahead of its time. Over the years it's gained a massive fan base, and people seem to like it now. 

Green most recently wrote the script for the epic Moses movie Gods and Kings, and got his start working on TV shows such as Smallville and Heroes. Blade Runner is an epic property to take on, and I imagine there's a lot of pressure to create something fans are going to love. So to Green I say... good luck. 

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