David Slade to Direct Psychological Thriller THE WIDOW

30 Days of Night and Hard Candy director David Slade is set to direct a psychological thriller called The Widow, which was written by The Crazies screenwriter, Ray Wright.

The story "centers on a young woman who befriends a lonely widow only to discover that their encounter was not a coincidence."

Slade has been attached to various projects over the years such as DaredevilVillain, Matched and Coward. We know that Daredevil isn't happening, but I'm not sure what's going on with any of those other movies he's been attached to. There's been no new updates on them since the initial announcements. 

I think Slade is a talented director, so I hope we get to see a new movie from him soon. The movie is set up at Vendome, and CEO/Producer Philippe Rousselet had this to say in a statement,

We are thrilled to be working on this piece with David. He is such a dynamic filmmaker, and we are excited about his vision to make this movie a throwback to some of the most iconic thrillers in cinematic history -- not to mention the two females leads being the strongest and most interesting we have seen in some time.

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