GHOST OF A TALE: A Story of a Mouse and His Great Adventure

Wonder. That's what I'm filled with every time I read about or look at screens of Ghost of a Tale. The same sense of wonder I got when I watched Fieval as a kid (give em the lazzzzyyyyyy eye! and no, I did not put that reference in just so I could say that. Lets just call that a bonus shall we).  A world that begs to be explored, and a mystery that needs to be solved, both of which are at the heart of Ghost of a Tale

What is it, you ask? The story revolves around a little mouse who ends up on an island called Periclave. The island was rumored to be the headquarters of the Army of Rats, but since has been filled with undead rats and other creatures. It's not a great place to be nowadays, but the island may also hold great treasure, so it's not all bad.

The gameplay will be a mix of third person combat and open world exploration. The graphics, while certainly early, show off a beautiful world for you and your little mouse buddy to explore. While games like Zelda and Dark Souls are cited as inspirations, the game will not be mirrors of those. This will be a far more intricate and smaller in scope experience, but hopefully one that will inspire future stories to come. What the mouse's true reason is for going on this trip has yet to be revealed, but me and more than a few others, it seems, would love to get the chance to find out. 

Right now, the game is being developed by the one man band Lionel Gallat, who has a vast history working in animation (films such as The Prince of Egypt, Road to Eldorado, Despicable Me, among many others). This is definitely a passion project for the veteran animator. To help it come to life he is in the middle of a fundraising effort on indiegogo, which has as of now (thanks to a one week extension) 14 days left to meet its goal, and is over halfway there. If you're interested in supporting the game, make sure to head over and check out the official campaign page, and head over to Steam to give it a vote on Greenlight as well.


I'll be sure to give you an update if the game makes its goal. The video game world could use a bit more wonder in it, and I think this little mouse has what it takes to bring some of that back.

haha, just had to.

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