New Details Revealed for Henry Cavill's Superman Suit

Do you remember the first time you saw Henry Cavill wearing his Superman suit from Man of Steel? There were a lot of mixed reactions, but over time it seems like fans have come to like it. Actor Mackenzie Gray, who plays a top secret role in the film, talked to JTM Games recently and gives us a little more insight on the suit Cavill is wearing: 

Oh yeah, amount of detail on Superman is unbelievable. Superman’s costume, is a three-layer costume; there’s a body-skin layer and then there’s a muscle layer that was molded to Henry’s muscles – it’s a silver, metallic rubber – and then over that is a mesh skin so whenever he turns into light it looks like he’s made of steel....It’s just incredible, the design of the film is fantastic. All the concepts and the designs is just remarkable and they didn’t have to build fake muscles for Henry because he’s really built.

I can't help but think that costume is uncomfortable to wear. It seems like it would feel claustrophobic, but it sure looks cool! 

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