Hilarious Movie Posters with In-Production Working Titles

One of the silly things that Hollywood still does these days is use fake movie titles during the production of a film. The reason for this is to throw the general public off when they are shooting in public areas. Of course, for those of us that like to keep track of this kind of thing, it doesn't really matter because we know what's really going on. 

For example, Batman Begins was made under The Intimidation Game, The Avengers was Group Hug, Captain America was Frostbite, Return of the Jedi was Blue Harvest, Pacific Rim was Still Seas, and as you'll see there are a lot more.

Reddit user daidalos5 posted a set of movie posters that replaces the actual title of several films with their working title, and it's really quite funny. Thanks to /Film for the heads up! Hope you enjoy these!