EA Event Impressions - E3 2013


You have to hand it to Peter Moore, he has a sense of humor. Before the event began he walked out on stage and basically said to us, wait at least 30 minutes after the show before you write about how disappointed you are. EA knows it isn't seen in the best light, but I think they are actively trying to get in gamers' good graces. 

Shall we begin?

Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare- A third person shooter by Pop Cap? Cray Cray! But that's exactly what it is, and it looks awesome!

Need for Speed Rivals- A combination of Most Wanted and Hot Pursuit. That's how I would best describe this game. The new and improved HUD looks really good. The feature they showcased was incredible. To go from a single player game to a multiplayer race seamlessly was astonishing to see in real time.

NBA Live 14- The man presenting this game didn't do them any favors. NBA 2K is dominating the market, but having a loud and obnoxious presenter yelling at the audience and then having another presenter who is blatantly reading and obviously didn't rehearse before hand was sad. Kyrie Irving was a better presenter than the guy who is making the game! There are two main selling-points though: Dribbling- Bouncetek, a feature that harkens back to a FIFA like sense of control. The second feature is HOURLY updates! That is unprecedented!

Madden 25- I really want to know what happens when they have to make a Madden in the year 2025. There were 3 new features showcased. The first is Footwork. Both juking and running are easier and have a wider sense of what you are able to do on the field. The second feature was Player Sense. Basically, the player adapts to the changing field on the fly. Lastly, updated AI for the linemen--from having them react to holes in the line to blitzing if they see the opportunity.

FIFA 14- There were 3 new features for FIFA as well. Player Instinct which is basically just Player Sense, Precision Movement which is basically Footwork. The last feature was different, though: Elite Technique which was very ambiguous... from EA "Elite Technique- the artistry and athleticism of soccer stars will come to life... in every match." What the hell does that mean?!

Am I forgetting Something? Oh yeah...

MIRRORS EDGE 2!- I am so freaking excited for this game! The footage was breathtaking! You're probably wondering when you can play it... so am I! It will be released whenever it's ready. 

What did you think of the EA Event? Best Part? Worst Part?

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