Jon Chu Set to Direct G.I. JOE 3

MovieJon Chuby Joey Paur

Director Jon Chu will be back to direct G.I. Joe 3. This news isn't really surprising at all, as Chu has said he'd want to direct a sequel if the studio asked him, and guess what? They did. 

Chu did ok with G.I. Joe: Retaliation. The movie had its moments, but the script and story still sucked. The G.I. Joe movie franchise could use a complete overhaul. I'm not a big fan of where it currently stands. As a G.I. Joe fan I have some great ideas about how they could tackle the franchise, but I know Paramount Pictures isn't going to come knocking on my door asking for my opinion. So I guess we can just expect another mediocre G.I. Joe film. 

There's no other information on the sequel at this point, like who from the original cast will be back. Just because Duke died in the last film doesn't mean he won't be back in the sequel. Chu himself said no one is really ever dead in the G.I. Joe universe. 

I'm sure Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow will once again play a central role in the story. After all, everybody loves those characters. What are your thoughts on Chu coming back for more G.I. Joe movie action?

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