Avengers LEGO Variant Covers for Marvel Comics

With the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes video game coming our way soon, Marvel thought it would have some fun with their upcoming comics by giving them fun LEGO-themed variant covers. 

David Gabriel, SVP of Sales, Print & Digital had this to say in a statement:

Working with the folks at The LEGO Group to do these homage covers is an absolute blast! As soon as we came up with the concept of doing the covers, I couldn’t wait to get an idea off the ground that really does justice to both the Marvel heroes and the LEGO brand. This program is the best blend of both worlds and we know it will really excite our fans and hope that Lego fans also find their way into comic shops to pick these up!

These are the three that have been released so far. The one above is for Indestructible Hulk #14, and the two below are for X-Men #5 and Hawkeye #15. Below, you'll find a list of the other comics that will be getting a LEGO cover.

  • All-New X-Men #17
  • Avengers #21
  • Avengers A.I. #4
  • Captain America #12
  • Daredevil #31
  • Fantastic Four #13
  • Guardians Of The Galaxy #7
  • Infinity #3
  • Iron Man #17
  • Marvel Universe: Avengers Assemble #1
  • Mighty Avengers 1
  • New Avengers #11
  • Nova #8
  • Secret Avengers #10
  • Superior Spider-Man #19
  • Thor: God Of Thunder #14
  • Uncanny Avengers #12
  • Wolverine & The X-Men #36
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