Movieby Joey Paur

Remember those silly Choose your Own Adventure books back in the late '70s, '80s, and '90s? I had a whole collection of those books. They were cool growing up, but I look back at them now, and the whole concept just seems ridiculous. Well, 20th century Fox is running with it, and they plan to take the book series and turn it into a feature film and other forms of entertainment.  

The books were known for their stacked storytelling, which allowed readers to choose the path of the characters every few pages. The choices the reader made lead the characters to different fates, good and bad. 180 books were written for the series.

They just need to figure out what story they are going to tell. I don't see how the audience will be able to choose their adventure, so I imagine they will just adapt the story and let the characters in the film make their own decisions like in all the other movies we see. 

If the studio turns these into good movies they could have a great franchise on the hands. But, in the end I'm sure they'll only make one mediocre film, and then it will fade away into obscurity. I'll be surprised if it doesn't.