Lucasfilm Developing Animated Feature with Former Pixar Director

In a recent interview with Animation MagazineBrave co-director Brenda Chapman revealed that she just finished working on an animated movie at Lucasfilm. That movie is being directed by Gary Rydstrom, who directed the Toy Story short Hawaiian Vacation. He was also directing the animated movie Newt at one point, which ended up being shut down. Most of his career has been as an Oscar winning movie sound designer though. Looks like he's moved on to bigger and better things! Here's what Chapman had to say about the new Lucasfilm project in development:

I have been working on a project with Lucas for quite some time — about six months. When Lucasfilm was handed over to Kathleen Kennedy, she asked me to consult on the film to help solve its story problems. It was an opportunity for me to work with her. I felt honored to be asked by her, after what happened at Pixar. DreamWorks was very generous to me in postponing my start date with them so that I could work with Kathleen, also. My work on the project is done. My good friend, Gary Rydstrom, is directing it now.

So what's this animated movie that Lucasfilm is working on? Of course, many people are thinking that maybe it's a Star Wars movie, but they have so many other Star Wars projects in development that I doubt this project has anything to do with that universe. Years ago there was a rumor that Lucasfilm was developing a Fairy movie with TMNT director Kevin Munroebut, but nothing ever came of that. So that could be a possibility, but who knows other than the people working on it? It'll be a surprise when some information on this project is finally revealed, and I like surprises. Hopefully it's cool!

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