WHO Watch 2013: Expect Recovered Classic Episodes Later This Year!


Bleeding Cool is telling us there is a strong possibility that BBC has obtained a collection of episodes that have been missing since the '60s, which means that we will be seeing them for the first time since they were taken. For those who have watched a classic "reconfigured" episode of Doctor Who, you know what I'm talking about. For those that are still in the dark, there were several episodes in the classic series that were "taken for safe keeping" after their first airing, and since then have been lost for use in reissues of the series. Creators have tried to rectify this by combining frozen salvaged frames from remaining episodes with audio tracks from the episode to make a less than low quality substitute.

Rumor has it that among the episodes recovered is the absolute full version of William Hartnell's regeneration. It's also said that the entirety of "Evil Of The Daleks" has been found as well. For someone who is currently trying to work his way through the Classic series, this is excellent news. Are you excited to see some of these old episodes in their entirety?