Slick Looking Animated Retro Short - METAMAN

This is an awesome, stylishly made retro short film called Metaman. It was created by Yoann DurandYannick Sroussi, and Julien Lenoury. It has a very heavy 80s feel to it, and at the same time is still has a very slick looking modern feel to it. The film has a really cool visual style, and it even has kind of a Drive type mood. Here's the synopsis:

Planet Earth is invaded by the evil organisation known as "The Triangle Gang", who wants to establish terror and rule our planet. Driving to their first target of destruction, the Triangle Gang doesn't know that they will have to reckon with Metaman Gatsu, the last cosmo-fighter and defender of humanity.

Enjoy the short!

METAMAN from Boombros on Vimeo.


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