Clip from PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE Remake

VideosMovie by Joey Paur

In case you haven't heard, someone thought it would be a good idea to remake Ed Wood's classic sci-fi horror film, Plan 9 From Outer Space. This movie has been in production for over 3 years. It's never made sense to me as to why this movie was getting remade. I know the original film is supposed to go down in history as one of the worst movies ever made, but that's what made it so charmingly awesome.

The movie is simply called Plan 9, and I assume they are trying to capture that bad movie charm. I'm not sure though, it might just be a naturally bad looking film. Writer and director John Johnson had this to say about the clip you're about the watch,

I wanted to release this scene to kinda give a better feel of what the movie holds. We showed plenty of zombie mayhem in the teaser trailer and I thought the sneak peek would be focused more on the characters within. We have an extremely talented cast and it’s fun to show them off!

Plan 9 will be available on demand and DVD/Blu-ray in late August. To watch the teaser trailer, click here. One thing is for sure, I won't pay money to watch this movie. What are your thoughts on this Plan 9 remake? 

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