Henry Cavill on Losing James Bond Role to Daniel Craig


It's not new news that Man of Steel star Henry Cavill almost landed the title role in James Bond. When recasting the iconic British spy, it actually was down to just Cavill and Daniel Craig. Obviously we know who the role went to, but I think Cavill would have been a great 007.

Cavill talks about losing out to Craig in a recent interview with Nuts Magazine via: EntertainmentWise in which he said,

When I wasn't selected for Bond, I was very disappointed. I'd turned down a leading role in 300 because it was down to Daniel Craig and me, and auditioning for Bond took all my focus.

The choice was between a younger Bond and one closer to his 40's, which is to say, Daniel Craig. But I've seen what Daniel did and I think the Bond producers made the right choice. He's fantastic.

Well, not getting the role didn't seem to hurt Cavill's career. He's doing very well for himself and is going to be doing even better in the near future. I imagine the movie offers are flooding in at this point. Who knows, maybe one day he'll still have the opportunity to play Bond. By the time they replace Craig, he'll be a seasoned popular actor who's ready to go. 

Would you like to see Cavill play Bond one day?