Next Gen's Eve: A Look Back At The Best Custom PS3s, 360s, and Wiis

Nintendo Wii: Legend of Zelda Edition Created by: Morpheon Mods

As we sit in full on anticipation mode for the upcoming next generation consoles, I thought it was time for a look back at some of the great things from this generation. Much has been made of the new looks the Xbox One and PS4 are sporting, and rightfully so. If you're going to spend $400 to $500 it better not look like a pet rock. Next Gen isn't the only way to get a sweet looking console however, as many talented modders have made their own dream machines. While some of these were not officially licensed by Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft, the community has done a knock up job building some truly creative and just flat out cool custom consoles. Without further ado, let's get to spotlighting some of the best and coolest customs of this gen. 


Xbox 360: The True Arcade Edition  Created by: Solomods



Playstation 3: Assassins Creed 3 Wooden Case Mod Created by: Jriquelme Mods


Nintendo Wii: Incredible Hulk Custom Created by: Beer Belly Joe


Xbox 360: Halo One Million Edition Created by: Richard Taylor and Weta Workshop


Playstation 3: Aliens Custom Created by: GivinTats


Nintendo Wii: Super Mario Galaxy Custom Created by: Morpheon Mods


Xbox 360: Hellboy Custom Created by: Frank Gonzales


Playstation 3: Rainbow Six Diorama Case Created by: Butter Kneter



Nintendo Wii: Samus Custom Created by: Morpheon Mods


Xbox 360: Captain America Custom Created by: Zachariah Perry


Playstation 3: Assassins Creed Custom


Nintendo Wii: Star Wars Custom Created by: Beer Belly Joe


Playstation 3: Metal Gear Rising Custom Created by: Jriquelm Mods


Xbox 360: R2-D2 Custom Created by: Major League Mods


Nintendo Wii: Liquid Cooled Edition Created by: Angel OD


Playstation 3: Metal Gear Solid 4 Custom Created by: Morpheon Mods


Xbox 360: Iron Man Custom by: Zachariah Perry 


Nintendo Wii: Twilight Princess Custom Created by: Crystal Icing


Playstation 3: Dishonored Steampunk Custom Created by: Butter Kneter


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