Disney Princesses Reimagined as Provocative Space Warriors

Mike Roshuk has created this series of photoshop art featuring Disney's classic princesses as a team of seductive space warriors. Here's a note from Roshuk,

First off, I'm seriously thankful I get to work with the coolest models! I try to digitally illustrate the wardrobe as an 'homage' to the styling of the original character dress - and I'm actually the most proud of how I did Tiana. It was a challenge trying to make the armour appear in the same style as the green leaf/petal dress that Tiana wears in the movie, yet still keeping in mind that the story actually takes place in the 1920's - hence the slight steampunk flair to her outfit.

I imagine we'll start seeing these designs turn up as real life cosplay outfits. They're pretty cool. The artist should try to get them made into Halloween costumes. I'm sure they'd be a big hit. 

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