DOCTOR STRANGE Movie Villains Revealed?


Although Marvel’s plans for Doctor Strange have been pretty mysterious, it seems that there is at least something planned for the mystical sorcerer. Kevin Feige has indicated that Strange will be part of Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, likely following an Ant-Man movie. Well, now it looks like we’re getting some more information, “100% confirmed,” from Latino Review regarding the villains Doctor Strange will be facing.

First, and most importantly, we have Dormammu, an incredibly powerful mystic entity. Dormammu is Strange’s Green Goblin, his Lex Luthor, his Joker, his perpetual nemesis.  He seems like a pretty obvious choice for a movie villain. As a supporting villain, we have Karl Mordo, a rival sorcerer of Stephen Strange and henchman of Dormammu. Finally we have a Giant Mindless One, a golem-like creature summoned forth magically to do the will of its master (undoubtedly Dormammu).

Doctor Strange is one of the coolest, most interesting characters from Marvel's catalogue, and I would love to see him on the big screen.  I am really looking forward to Marvel's Phase 3, and hopefully we'll get more information about Doctor Strange at Comic-Con next month.

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