Henry Cavill Discusses JUSTICE LEAGUE

Warner Bros. is currently moving forward with plans to bring us a Man of Steel sequel, as well as a Justice League movie. David Goyer is writing both of them. I imagine Zack Snyder will be directing them as well, and you can bet Henry Cavill is coming back to reprise his role as Superman. Cavill was great in Man of Steel. I loved his portrayal as the character, and I hope he sticks around for awhile.

During a recent interview with Peter Travers on ABC, Cavill talked a little bit about Justice League, and that it's not going to be happening anytime soon. 

"Justice League, more movies, I have no idea. Justice League could be great if done correctly. It's a very tough one to do because the DC comic heroes are all god-like in their power. So in this real world setting we're telling our story in, it's going to be tough to achieve that and it has to be done very delicately with a lot of thought. So, it won't be right away, I hope it's not anyway. It may take some time of building up other movies and other characters and introducing them together in one way or another. I think it would be great to do, but I don't think it's around the corner."

Hopefully Warner Bros. does take some time before they move Justice League into development. I think a couple more Man of Steel sequels that introduce new characters into their cinematic universe would be a good way to go, especially if they don't plan on jumping in on any other stand alone DC superhero films. They just can't all of a sudden throw this team together in a big, epic movie with no set up. I guess we'll see what they do.

Do you have any suggestions on how Warner Bros. should lead into Justice League?


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