WWE 2K14: The Rock Takes Center Stage in 2K14

WWE 2K13, while flawed, was incredibly fun. While the publisher might be different this time around the game itself is still being developed by Yuke's, so here's hoping they use that great foundation to make 2K14 a little smoother around the edges. 2K13 was built around its attitude mode, taking you through one of the WWE's most popular era's, and while Stone Cold is present in the trailer there has been no mention of whether that mode will be making a return this year. Even though it isn't my favorite era of WWE, I really enjoyed playing through it, and hope to see that mode fleshed out a bit to maybe include some legends of the WWE such as Macho Man Randy Savage, who also makes an appearance here. 

While I'm looking forward to 2K14, I have to say the graphics don't exactly impress. 2K13 excelled in the look of its wrestlers, and I don't see the same level of detail here, but it could just be something I'm remembering far better than it actually was. I'm amazed to not see CM Punk in the initial roster, but I'm sure he'll be revealed soon. I have a hard time seeing him lose an opening reveal spot to Ryback, who I get is hot right now but CM outclasses Goldberg Lite any day of the week (That's right, I said it, GOLDBERG). Roster opinions aside, the main issue with 2K13 was its online mode. It was a blast to play with friends, but rarely did I have a match that didn't end in disconnection or pinning the computer because my friend got booted from the match. If they solve that it will go a long way to justifying a $60 purchase. No one wants to pin the computer, they want to sweet chin music a live person, and that's how it should be. 

2K14 is releasing on October 29th for both PS3 and Xbox 360. Peep the trailer below to see some of the game in action.


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