Strangely Unique Puppet Short Film - DIRTY NIGHT CLOWNS

MovieVideosby Joey Paur

I've been sitting on this musical short film for awhile. I wasn't sure if I wanted to post it or not because it's so odd and different, but then I realized that that was the perfect why reason I needed share it. The short is called Dirty Night Clowns, and it was made using marionette puppets. It was directed by Ryan Gibeau with music written and performed by Chris Garneau. Here's a little info on the film:

"Dirty Night Clowns is a wonderful tale of curiosity, danger and pursuit. Although its never known what the path ahead has in store, Chris takes a journey driven by his nervous curiosity to find the nefarious character who roamed about his house while he slept. What seems scary and evil from a distance might end up as something unexpected as a cast of characters lures Chris in for a special ending."

This is a very unique film that I actually came to like the more I watched it. I couldn't get this thing out of my head, and maybe you'll see why when you watch it. The short might not fit everyone's taste, but it's worth experiencing. Check it out and tell us what you think!

Chris Garneau - Dirty Night Clowns from ROCK*iT FiLMS on Vimeo.


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