BATMAN 1972 - Grindhouse Style Batman Art

Check out this incredibly cool collection of 70s style Batploitation art. The series you see here was created by Francesco Francavilla, it's called Batman 1972, and as you can see it takes the Dark Knight into the dark and gritty sex-filled world of grindhouse.

Here's a few things that the artist had to say about his art:

To keep him in "the part", my Batman smokes, wear a leather coat and a turtleneck, and drives a cool 70s BatMobile (an OldsMobile maybe? ;) I still need to decide on brand and model :))

I have also been developing a bit more of that story pitch for a possible Elseworlds. If that ever happens you guys are gonna dig it big time, I promise :)

Check out the art below and let us know what you think of this Batman concept.