PORTAL and HALF LIFE Crossover Fan Film

Check out this amusing fan made Portal and Half Life crossover film. YouTuber mikeNgary and his team created this comedic take on the games, which they call "Gordon and Chell Go on a Date." The story is exactly what the title says it is. Neither of the characters talk, which I thought was charming. Here's a synopsis and some background info on the short,

While at Black Mesa or City 17 Gordon Freeman battles Head crabs, Barnacles, and G-Man Chell struggles against Aperture Turrets, test chambers, Wheatly and GLaDOS. Through adverse conditions these two heros are worthy of being Valve's best. But what would happen if these two silent protagonist met? Better yet, what if they went on a date? No matter what each brings to the table no crow bar or Portal gun will prepare you for what happens next. 

This is a project several months in the making. After the success of Half-Life: Portal to Black Mesa we wanted to bring together our favorite Half-Life and Portal characters but in a new and interesting way. While we already had several props from our previous Half Life productions this cost $200. 

Watch it and let us know what you think of it!

Thanks to GT reader David Cox for the heads up!

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