DreamWorks Developing Futuristic Thriller THE FIRE SERMON

DreamWorksby Joey Paur

DreamWorks has picked up the rights to an upcoming new book called The Fire Sermon, which is set in a post apocalyptic future world without technology. The book was written by Carla Hacken, and it's the first in a trilogy that the studio would like to turn into a franchise. Here's a description of the story, thanks to Deadline,

400 years after a nuclear apocalypse, society is left without technology and all humans are twins. One of each pair is physically perfect, and they are called Alphas, while the other, the Omega, bears some mutation. The apartheid society forces the mutated twins to settlements, even though when one twin dies, so does the other. This is the relationship between a brother and sister twin, and what happens when he becomes a leader in the repressed society.

Do you think this story will make a good film? 

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