Nathan Fillion on the Prospects of a SERENITY Sequel

2005's Serenity was intended to give fans some closure to Joss Whedon's canceled TV show Firefly. Created on a modest movie budget, it pleased the fans and opened up the world of Firefly to people who had not watched the show. Drew McWeeny of HitFix had an opportunity to interview Nathan Fillion during a Monsters University press event.

In the interview, Fillion is both realistically dismissive and open to the opportunity.

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It has been 8 years since Serenity came out and as time marches on a sequel seems unlikely. Then again we have Tron Legacy that was 25 years later than the first. 1979's Star Trek: The Motion Picture was 10 years after the original series ended. This places another Serenity movie in the realm of possible if the fans really fight for it.

Who knows maybe Joss Whedon will Kickstarter the movie.

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