Henry Cavill on the Next Stage of Superman and JUSTICE LEAGUE

Henry Cavill is currently out doing press for Man of Steel, and it seems everyone wants to know what's next for Superman. When asked by IGN what movie he'd like to see happen next, out of Man of Steel 2, Justice League or a Batman and Superman movie, he said he wasn't sure if any of these things were going to happen. He did go on to explain what what need to happen if they did though,

Well, Justice League is in the long run. I mean it'd be fun, but Man Of Steel was about a god coming to Earth and everybody getting use to it. Like we can't just have a world full of gods now. Batman/Superman would be great fun, because it brings two worlds together and could introduce some new characters. But Man Of Steel 2, is a continuation of a story, and I guess we can introduce some characters in that.

I think it would be great to at least see Batman and Superman team up before a Justice League movie happens. It has a much better chance of being a good film, and they are two characters that we'd all love to see together up on the big screen. It would also make for a great lead in to Justice League

Out of Man of Steel 2, Batman and Superman, and Justice League, what would you like to see happen next? 


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