PACIFIC RIM Writer Travis Beacham Shares Details on Movie & Graphic Novel

Last week, I had the chance to do a phone interview with Pacific Rim's writer Travis Beacham. He's really sharp, and I can see why Legendary Pictures and Warner Brothers had such confidence in his original story. Before the movie comes out, they are releasing Pacific Rim: Tales From Year Zero, a 112 page graphic novel that is a prologue/prequel like story, which Beacham also wrote.

Unfortunately, due to a technical snafu I was not able to record and transcribe the call. I did take notes, so instead of trying to recreate the conversation I'm just giving you the facts.

  • A story bible was created which covers the history and future of the world; includes lots of designs and characters details that are only hinted at in the movie and graphic novel.
  • The movie takes place 10 years after the graphic novel.
  • Guillermo Del Toro came up with the idea of making the Kaiju silicone based lifeforms, to make them more opaquely alien and an extra challenge for earth scientists to study.
  • Alex Ross did the cover art for Tales From Year Zero.
  • The graphic novel covers many characters with a broader story. The movie by comparison is more streamlined and cinematic.
  • Travis' favorite Jaeger is the Gypsy Danger, which was the first completed design. He likes how it is instantly recognizable, even in silhouette.
  • Tales From Year Zero is the first graphic novel he's written. Even though transitioning to the format was hard, he would love to do another.
  • Travis' favorite Kaiju is one we will not see until the last part of the movie, which has yet to be seen in any trailers or tv spots.
  • He wanted to use the term Mechs until coming across Jaeger which is german for tank or hunter.
  • You see Jaeger academy in the graphic novel.
  • Kaiju was always the term used for the monsters and never changed during development.
  • Travis laughed when I asked hoy he felt about people comparing it to the Power Rangers.
  • The Kaiju in the graphic novel are unused designs from the movie.

You can pick up the graphic novel Pacific Rim: Tales From Year June 18th. Pacific Rim assaults theaters July 12th.

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