SO DARK - Short Film About a Vampire with a Code

Movie Short Film by Eli Reyes

If you're a fan of vampires and/or Showtime's Dexter, you're going to want to watch this short. This is actually a sequel to a short film we featured on the site last year, but enough is explained in this new film that you don't necessarily have to watch the first one to enjoy it -- although going back and viewing it after might even be a fun way to Tarantino the events and piece the puzzle together.

In So Pretty, we followed a Twilight-obsessed commuter who learned first hand that vampires don't sparkle when a fellow night-train passenger is viciously attacked by Sean, a real creature of the night. Director Al Lougher and writer James Williams are back with So Dark, a continuation of the story that picks up right where the last one left off, after Sean has surrendered himself at the next train stop. 

So Pretty was a fun short, but So Dark introduces us to a much more tangible and more fully realized world, and a character with a deepening and layered backstory. There's also a lot more tension in this chapter with our vampire in custody and the minutes before first light slowly winding down. I'm a big fan of Dexter, and this "killer with a code" story is all the more interesting with our anti-hero having not just decades of experience channelling his need to kill, but possibly hundreds of years of experience!

Lougher and his team are looking to turn this anti-Twilight saga into a web-series or possibly a feature. There's enough of a world to explore here that I'd actually love to see this as a full on, hour long TV drama.

Thanks to Zach Taiji and the director for sending this our way!


Sean, a 200 year old vampire with a vengeance to kill only those that deserve to die, is captured by Miami Police Department. He finds himself in a race against time to escape before sunrise approaches, in the upcoming short film called So Dark. Featuring Vampires, action, and horror, So Dark was shot on Red cameras by filmmaker Al Lougher.

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