INJUSTICE:GODS AMONG US- Martian Manhunter Puts Dhalsim to Shame


Yeah I know, two completely different games. That said, if the two were ever pitted against each other, who do you think would be left standing? Manhunter's got heat vision, super strength, and the ability to phase through and shape shift into anything, all of which are on display in his spotlight trailer, which you can find below. With a decent mix of misdirect moves and keep away specials, he seems like a nice all around combatant. You can also see Green Lantern's new alternate skin, which happens to be fan favorite GL John Stewart. I like the costume overall, and if this is a thing now, I would love to see a Hope Corp Kyle Rayner or a Rage Corp Guy Gardner. In fact, if they wanted to go the extra mile they could release a Ch'p costume, which would allow sad people like me recreate his infamous (and hilarious) death in issue 2 of GL Mosaic. Don't worry, I'm actually ashamed of myself on that one, so no need to point it out.

Now that I'm thinking about it though, Dhalsim likes to occasionally spit fire (albeit incredibly slow-moving molasses fire) at people, which just happens to be old green skin's one weakness, so maybe this isn't such a slam dunk. 

Back to relevant things, no release date for the DLC has been announced, but rest assured, we'll let you know when it does. If you're looking for my picks for future characters or costumes, you can catch my previous wishlists here and here.

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