Robert Downey Jr. to Play Pinocchio and Gepetto in His Adaptation


Robert Downey Jr. and director Ben Stiller are hard at work trying to bring a new live-action adaptation of  Carlo Collodi's Pinocchio to the big screen. The film project has passed through the hands of Tim Burton and Pushing Daisies creator Bryan Fuller, but it looks like Downey Jr. and Stiller will be the team to bring it to life. 

This is a very different project for both of these talents, and when Downey Jr. was attached to the project we heard he was going to play Gepetto. Now new details on the film from Bleeding Cool say that the plan is to have the actor play Pinocchio as well. 

I'm not sure how they plan on doing that because the actor said in a previous interview that he didn't want to have to resort to animation. The site goes on to say,

"It’s a younger Gepetto than you might expect – not really with any need for any ageing makeup. As for Pinocchio, I assumed that it might be a performance capture role, but that seems to be still up in the air. It could be just a voice role, if earlier plans to have Pinocchio’s physical form be an actual physical form still live on, and there was certainly a lot of discussion about how that might work."

It will be interesting to see the approach they take on bringing the wooden boy to life in their film, and how Downey will portray him. I'm sure whatever they end up doing will be great and that the actor can pull it off. 

Hopefully they will deliver a sold adaptation. What do you think about the actor playing dual roles in the film? 


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