GRAND THEFT OTTO - The Simpsons/GTA Mashup Art Series

Art The Simpsons by Eli Reyes

Dan LuVisi has added more masterpieces to his collection of twisted takes on kid's shows and movies. His thugged out versions of Bert & Ernie, Drive-inspired Kermit, and disturbing reimagining of Mike Wazowski have all been hits with us and our readers. For his Grand Theft Auto-inspired take on The Simpsons, aptly titled Grant Theft Otto, LuVisi does some of his best and bloodiest work. 

I just love the little details each piece has and how much they add to the stories the artist has created for these characters. From Lenny's Stonecutters tattoo to Otto's jacket pin, there are some cool nods in there if you look a little closer.

To read the background stories that LuVisi came up with for this series, head over to his Deviant Art page.

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