A Further Look At The Tech Of ROBOCOP!

With the upcoming reboot of Robocop on the horizon, the Sony promotion department is ready to shove it down our throats. Open wide because here we go.

Empire released some images of the technology that is going to be in the upcoming Jose Padilha movie. You can check out the official Omnicorp site. You will be able to see the changes that JP has made, but you can tell that he kept the essence of the original film.

Here is a small character overview from Empire, and enjoy the rest:

Director José Padilha's slant on the cyber-copper gives Joel Kinnaman the title role, and that of his pre-injury, fully human version, Alex Murphy. Gary Oldman plays a scientist who helps convert Kinnaman’s cop into the cyborg officer, while Samuel L. Jackson is Pat Novak, a “charismatic TV mogul", presumably with a touch of the Bill O'Reillys about him.


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