BACK TO THE FUTURE Documentary Being Kickstarted

For those of you who are fans on the classic 1985 film Back to the Future, you might be interested in a documentary that filmmakers are currently trying to fund through Kickstarter.  

The movie is called Back in Time, and it show us the cultural impact of Back to the Future 30 years later, and it will be told from the viewpoint of the DeLorean Time Machine.

A trio of filmmakers tracked down a few hardcore fans of the film who own various big pieces of the set of the film and DeLoreans and interviewed them. They are looking for $33,120 to complete the doc, so if you want to help out, click here.

I remember the first time I saw Back to the Future on the big screen, and it blew me away! There were a handful of films in the '80s that transformed me into the movie geek that I am today, and Back to the Future was one of them.

This sounds like it could make for an interesting documentary, and I hope they reach their goal and get it made. Here's the video presentation they did for the doc:

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