WORLD OF WARCRAFT Movie Teased at Comic-Con!


Right after Legendary Pictures' Godzilla panel at Comic-Con, moderator Chris Hardwick surprised us by introducing the first teaser trailer for Blizzard's World of Warcraft! I'll get right into the description of the incredibly cool looking footage that we saw....

The footage starts out in a wretched desert landscape environment. You can tell it's on another planet or dimension based on a hint of green glowing light in a cloud mass in the sky. A fantasy-looking male character enters the scene. He's dressed like a medieval-style Mad Max. As he stands alone, he takes a drink of water and then pulls a huge sword with a dragons head on the hilt from behind his back. He holds it in his hand like he's preparing for battle. As he looks around he sees the skeletal remains of a dead soldier in armor, and then sees something in the distance. He approaches the dead soldier and picks up a shield laying next to him. At that point he slams the sword and the shield together, making an intimidating sound as a way of telling whatever is coming to him that he's ready to fight! The camera pulls back and we're looking over the green shoulder of an Orc who raises a giant hammer into view! We also see a classic western style gunslinger shot of the soldier ready to fight the Orc in the distance. The two charge each other, as the man raising his sword, and the Orc raises his hammer. We see the Orc jumping up in the air and bringing the hammer down right on us... epically badass!

The film's director, Duncan Jones, then came out, expressing his crazy excitement about making the movie. Hell, I'm excited about him making it because I know he's going to do a hell of a job bring the film to the big screen! He confirmed that the movie would start shooting early next year, and that was about it. Jones is going to destroy it in the best way possible! I can't wait to see what he has in store for it! 

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